About our School



BIT group has been serving the Society in the field of education for the last decades. With more than schools under its umbrella, it has been committed to quality education for its students.

Managed by a group of luminaries (in their respective fields) and distinguished members of the society (from the various walks of life), the organization has ensured that its member schools are on the path of progress with their ideologies and visionary ideas. With time, BIT GROUP has become a significant center of learning


BIT GLOBAL SCHOOL  has been born out of the ideology that children must be given an environment that makes them want to come to school every day.  Shri R.P AGARWAL  follows his personal principle of promoting individuality through value-based education which promotes a global outlook yet retains intrinsic Indian cultural traditions. His guidance has also led The BIT GLOBAL SCHOOL  to lay a great emphasis on inclusiveness. As enterprise and endeavor are its watchwords, BIt Global School always keeps an eye on new educational initiatives, so that the road to excellence, on which the institution has already launched itself, becomes smoother, more navigable and more accessible. Quality enhancement is its mission – it tries to create a win-win situation for its students with a personalized and positive approach towards education.

Our Story

BIT GLOBAL SCHOOL  IS A PALCE WHERE love bloosoms Love is the foundation of our school. It is what helped it grow and keeps it going. BIT GLOBAL SCHOOL IS like a castle of joy where every child receives abundant love and attention from trained teachers.

OUR belief:

We believe that education is not only a tool to achieve professional milestones, but also a means to make lives better. This belief is practiced by every member of The BIT GLOBAL SCHOOL. We consider every student to be unique and strive to offer a platform that lets them discover their own special light, at their own pace.


BIT GLOBAL SCHOOL strives to celebrate LIFE in totality – it wishes to teach its students to celebrate tradition and progress, celebrate peace and harmony simultaneously. It ensures that students are always in touch with their roots.

Transformation of the Education system:  To revolutionize the education system so that children are imparted ‘Education for Life’ which encompasses not only knowledge but also enhances the talents and life skills necessary for the holistic development of the child

Transformation of Parenting: To guide and enlighten parents about positive parenting so as to enable them to make their parenting experience richer, more joyful and more rewarding

Transformation in the role and status of teachers: To elevate the status and widen the horizons of teachers by equipping them with knowledge, expertise and skills required to transform them into leaders in education



To instill life-long values that nurture humanity, create global citizens and give shape to a better world.

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