Our school has adopted new age of technology i.e. smart classes for visual presentation of topic which improve effectiveness and better understanding making learning enjoyable for students.


The school library is well stocked with books on various subjects along with a special reference section. Fresh titles are added to on a regular basis. The library subscribes to a wide range of popular magazines, journals, weeklies and dailies. Students are advised to make the best use of library and develop a habit of reading. They should record the book they read under the “BOOKS I HAVE READ” column in the Almanac.



The school has labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Drawing, and Fine arts. Each lab is fully equipped and updated. During practicals in Chemistry and Biology, it is advisable to wear white aprons and follow safety rules.


This is the age of Computers. The school has two Computer Labs with latest PCs sufficient for all under local area network. The school expects every student to be computer literate and take interest in the operation and application of computer.


The school canteen serves light snacks and other eatables no junk food is allowed. Care is taken to maintain the quality of the food stuff and the hygienic aspects. Students may avail this facility during recess only; however, they are advised to bring home made food and avoid junk food. They should throw the wrappers, cans, disposable bags etc. into the litterbins, so as to keep the canteen area neat clean and tidy.



In the formative years of a child, the scientific understanding is that students in different age group display peculiar growth and development characteristics and have a variety of needs in physical, psychological, social, educational, vocational and emotional areas. These have to be appreciated, identified and catered-to in order to provide a conducive, peaceful and productive frame of reference to their effective functioning.

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