Chairman’s Message

Mr. Rakesh Prakash Agarwal, (Chairman)

I look towards new ways of creating opportunities for a satisfying career outside traditional roles, teaching and the professions.
For this we enable our students to learn from their history and culture, helping them to realize their intellectual and creative abilities. BIT GLOBAL SCHOOL expands knowledge across the spectrum of disciplines and for the understanding and enjoyment of life.
We aim to make our students problem solvers and not simply the facility enjoyers, inculcating in them spirituality through yoga, tenderness through knowledge and toughness through gymnasium.
It is indeed the fundamental duty of educational institutions to develop the capacities of students to the fullest extent by putting them along with teachers to work on the frontiers of knowledge to become corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, excellent teachers, worthy journalists, media professionals, capable advocates and legal professionals.

I wish BIT GLOBAL SCHOOL  staff, the Teachers and students a comprehensive success in the mission and vision of the Institute.

Director’s Message

Mr. Sandeep Kumar Raizada Director

He made his remarkable presence in the financial market of the city and   surroundings, where now he delivers his financial expertise in management of IFTI. He continues to play an important role in ensuring funding of IFTI’s ambitious projects as well as operational efficiency. He devotes his complete time in cherishing and budding up new cores of his aspects to Green leaves Media Technologies Pvt. Ltd., as well as he keeps a close watch on media industry of the nation