Vice Principal’s Message

From the Desk of the Vice Principal

rupal sir
Mr. Rupal Rastogi
Vice Principal

All that a man achieves and all that he/she fails to achieve is the result of his/her thoughts and the environment in which his/her thoughts take a shape. I feel a sense of great pleasure and pride for being associated with BIT Global family, known for its contribution in education at different levels. It is a universal fact that no two life, even no two leaves or blade of same grass are alike. Each child is unique and important and comes to this World with some special gifts, which need careful nurturing. We at BIT Global School , attempt to express these inborn, inherited and acquired talent of children to redefine, reshape into disciplined, determined, confident and wholesome leading personality by providing ample opportunities in all sphere of learning, by creating an ideal, congenial academic environment and by using a balanced approach of physical, emotional, psychological and social environment. We at BIT Global School motivate and empower the children to pursue academic excellence and encourage the children to channelize their energies in the pursuit of overall excellence. Here, we make every effort to provide environment, so that every child becomes able to find the answers of what, why and how? I am confident that our sincere efforts and guidance will be resulted in leading self-confident, determined, decision-making and competent personalities of citizens who will be winner and team leader in every aspect of social, intellectual and professional life.