General guideline to Parents/Guardians

The School believes in discipline and in firmness. Slackness, disobedience and disgrace to rule will not be tolerated. In light of common sense or of good manners, any work or action likely to lower the image of the school is regarded as a breach of school discipline. The school reserves the right to expel students whose diligence or the progress in studies in considered unsatisfactory or whose conduct is harmful to other students. Immorality, insubordinate or  contempt of authority and breaking bounds are always sufficient reasons for immediate expulsion or rustication.

  • Parents are required not to enter the class room to see their child or teacher during class hours without the permission of the principal.
  • They are required to inform the school if there is any change in the address. Telephone number/E-mail ID.
  • Leave for half day should not be asked for security reasons. In emergency written permission must be taken from the principal and the class teacher should be informed and the child will be hand over to the parents only.
  • All leave applications should be sending in advance before proceeding on leave. Applications should be addressed to the principal through the class teacher.
  • Children suffering from any infectious sleazes should not be sent to school till full recovery occurs.
  • Parent’ s attention is drawn to the fact that criticism of the teacher or school in the presence of the students should be scrupulously avoided because it causes the student  to lose respect for their teacher with consequent failure to them and will retard his/her progress.
  • Should there be any legitimate complaint, please see the principal at once or write a separate letter addressed to him/her/she will look into this matter personally.
  • Any communication made by the parents/guardians should be addressed to him/she/her will look into this matter professional.
  • Parents should sign the progress report and acknowledge the same to the school within 3 days. If the report card is lost, a replacement will be made only after a payment of Rs. 100 /-


School Rules

1. The school reserves the right to take the strict disciplinary action against a student if he/she

  • Violates the school rules.
  • Indulges In any form of indiscipline or anti-social activity in and outside the school.
  • Brings undesirable material or any sharp instrument or weapon to school.
    Often arrives late to school
  • Does not stick to the prescribed uniform
  • Misses any paper in the test/examination.
  • Mishandle, disfigures or damages any school property.
  • Misbehaves with teachers or students.
  • Acts/works in a manner that is likely to lower the image of the school.

2. The school is not responsible for any loss of article by students.
3. Parents or guardians are requested not to visit their ward or teacher in the classroom. The parent’s teacher meeting is held as per schedule notified separately.
4. Habitual late-comers will be dealt strictly. In case of emergency, parents are expected to escort the child to school.
5. For Fee-rules, kindly refer to our fee-booklet & pay accordingly to avoid inconvenience.

School Uniform

The school uniform is a part of discipline in itself and should adhered to by all the students.
The set pattern and color should be correctly followed. All the students are expected to wear the school uniform as specified. Parents are expected to ensure that their wards are in proper uniform and have a smart turn out.
Students will ensure that they do not come to school with long hair, Fancy haircuts (Mushroom, spikes etc). They are advised to have crew cut hair.
Girls with long hair must do two plaits with white ribbon, rubber band and Clips.
Uniform must be neat and properly ironed.
Ensure that shoes are properly polished.
Ensure that nails are properly trimmed from time to time.
On every Wednesday & Saturday the students will wear house uniform with white PT canvas shoes.

Rule concerning absence withdrawal and Leave

1. No leave of absence is granted except on prior written application from parents or guardians and even then for a plausible reason only.

2. A student returned to school after suffering from an infection or contagious disease should produce a Doctor’s certificate permitting him to do so. Student suffering from the following diseases must observe the prescribed period of quarantine before returning to class.

  • Chicken Pox: Till complete falling of scabs.
  • Cholera: Till child id completely well.
  • Measles: Two week after the rash disappears.
  • Mumps: Until the swelling has gone, about 10-15 days.
  • Whooping Cough:  Six weeks

3. Those absent without sectioned leave will be fine at the rate of Rs. 10/-per day.
4. Absence for more than three days immediately after vacation renders the student liable to have his/her name struck off the rolls, if prior permission has not been availed.
5. It is compulsory for the student to complete 75% of their attendance in the year to make them eligible to sit for their Examination.
6. Leave application should always be addresses to the principal through Class Teacher.

Examination cum Promotion Policy

  • Pre Nursery- Class-II
    Performance of the student will be judged on the basis of five points scale/Grade a given below.
Student will be assessed through oral and written exam on worksheet.


The weight age of formative Assessment (FA) and Summative Assessment (SA) shall be as follow.

In this system, Student’s performance will be assessed using conventional numerical making made, and the same will be later converted into grade on the basis of pre-determined mark ranges as detailed.

  • Only subject wise grade shall be mentioned in the “statement of subject wise performance “to be issued to all students.

Library rules

  • Students should carry Library Card.
  • Students are not allowed to bring their personal book to the library. However, one diary or a notebook to record article will be allowed.
  • They must maintain silence in the library
  • Book issued should be returned to the library in a good condition. If a book is marked, disfigured or damaged, the borrower will have to either replace the book or pay the price of the book.
  • Student can borrow book on their own card only.
  • Books are issued for 7 days. A fine of 1 rupee per day is charged for returning a book after the due date.