School Transport

School Transport

School bus routes are drawn up based on convenience and demand while ensuring that no route is overly long. Parents should consult the school’s transport in-charge for necessary details or any changes desired.

Under no circumstances are students allowed to go behind or under the buses parked in the school campus. Students are also not allowed to sit in parked buses during school hours.

Under no circumstances should students touch the instrument panel of buses.

A Student using the school bus is expected to be at the bus stop at least 5 minutes before the scheduled arrival of the bus. The student has to be on the correct side of the arriving bus.

Students are issued two identity cards (student’s copy and parent’s copy). The student’s copy should be worn by the student before boarding the bus and should be worn at all times till the completion of the return journey.

Students are allowed to use only their allotted bus and bus stop. There is no provision for temporary change in bus or bus stops.

Students, who miss the allotted bus, should not try to board any other bus. In such cases it is the responsibility of parents to drop their wards to the school. Such students can, however, return by their allotted bus.

Students must make sure that the aisle of the bus is clear, and the school bags and other belongings are placed properly in the overhead bins.

Students must keep all parts of their body inside the bus at all times. They should not put their hands out even for waiving.

No object should be thrown inside or outside the bus.

The consumption of edibles and drinks is not permitted in the bus.

Unruly behavior like shrieking and shouting, whistling is strictly prohibited.

The driver’s attention must not be distracted for any reason.

The drivers are authorized to stop buses at designated stops only, unless otherwise directed by the Bus Incharge after consultation with the Transport Incharge and the principal. The list of stops is prepared keeping in view the convenience and safety of all bus commuters and is subject to change.

In case there is a need for permanent change in stop and /or bus, permission for the same has to be sought through an application. The change shall become effective only after the school grants a written permission. Request for temporary change in the bus or bus stops will not be entertained.

Parents should, for the safety of their children, ensure that their wards are always escorted to and from bus stops.

If identity card is lost, or become unusable for any reasons, a new identity card can be procured by applying to the school Rs. 200 shall be charged for issue of new card.

Identity cards are valid till new ones are issued. Old identity cards must be surrendered immediately upon receipt of new identity cards.

Withdrawal of transport facility for misbehavior in the school bus. In such cases parents will be responsible for their ward’s commuting to school.

Bus fee will be charged for 12 Months.

If, due to certain exigencies, a student has to leave the school campus during school hours, the following rules will be observed :

A written request must be submitted by the parent

A Permission Slip must be obtained and shown at the school gate before leaving the campus.

Parents are not allowed to enter the bus under any circumstances.

No outsider will be allowed to sit / use our bus.